Nexus Underwriting and Nurture Network Event at the Kentro Capital/Nexus HQ London

Ten things we learned about progressing inclusivity

Highlights from the ‘Breaking the Mould’ event in partnership with Nexus Underwriting for International Womens Day 2024

Nurture Network's IWD fireside event offered food for thought for all...

Breaking the Mould – Inspiring pathways to inclusivity hosted by Nexus and Nurture Network, brought together a diverse group of women and men to hear an enlightening conversation between entrepreneur-turned-consultant, Hannah Saunders and former Knight Frank partner-turned-life coach, Lisa Nunn.

Hannah left the armed forces on maternity leave to start her business, Toddle, before exiting. As an Executive Assistant at Knight Frank, Lisa built a framework for career advancement for administrative talent to realise their ambitions before later becoming a partner.

They each shared their experiences of making substantial career changes, ensuring their voices were heard in male-dominated industries and paving the way for other women.

  1. Sponsorship is essential – anyone can sponsor anyone and use their platform to support their growth and advocate for their success.


  1. Ditch imposter syndrome – we need to lose this completely; women need to recognise they have earned the right to be in the room.


  1. Take steps to feel confident – if women are worried about being heard in a room of men, prepare first – employ exercise or warrior poses to feel strong in the moment.


  1. Listen to marginalised voices – we need to give the time to hear from people who come from different backgrounds, open the door to them and let them tell their story.


  1. Reach out to mentors – more than often people are very willing to help but you need to be specific about what you’re asking for. Don’t approach with vague, unwieldy requests.


  1. Invite male colleagues on the journey – when discussions about inclusivity are being held, ensure that you’re specific in opening the invite to men.


  1. Approach key stakeholders – if you’re trying to achieve change, don’t blindside people. Ensure you speak to as many people as possible and secure their buy-in before making announcements.


  1. Consider reverse mentoring – senior leaders have as much to learn from the younger generations as those above them. Embracing this mentality and you’ll open yourself up to learning and insight.


  1. Reframe motherhood – having children shouldn’t be seen as a career blocker. It should be celebrated for the diversity of skills it brings to any individual.


  1. Invest in women – only 2% of equity funding goes towards female-led businesses. We need to make sure this changes.

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