Nurture Network LIVE 2023, The British Library
Nurture Network Live 2023 at the British Library highlights

Ten pieces of advice to thrive a founder or business leader…

Highlights from Nurture Network LIVE, November 2023…

Nurture Network Live 2023 offered food for thought for all...

Our inaugural women in business and entrepreneurship festival was jam-packed with advice for people looking to succeed in business. Here is our top ten:

  1. Remember – productivity looks different every day.
  2. If something feels hard, it’s often easier than you expect.
  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  4. If you don’t see people that look like you, go ahead and be that first person, be the change.
  5. Do something that you know inside out – know your competitors and your audience.
  6. To be an entrepreneur you’ve got to be as comfortable with £5 in your bank account as £5m.
  7. If asking for help, write down what you want to say first so you articulate yourself well.
  8. Life is full of criticism – you’ve got to decide what to be anxious about and forget the rest.
  9. Starting a business isn’t for everyone – if you crave stability that’s ok too.
  10. Find your tribe – no one is truly self-made. We’re collectively made.

Speakers on the day

Naga Munchetty, Elizabeth Uviebinené, Scott Mackin, Jo Geraghty, Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE Dl, Fergus Deery, Mildred Talabi MCIPR, Eva-Maria Dimitriadis, Claire Fox, Dr Samantha Tross, Tom Groom, Joanna Newark, Dr Ama Frimpong, Cheryl Samuels, Andy Davis, Richard Bearman, Cherryl Cooper, Jas Schembri-Stothart, Selina Flavius, Kenny Imafidon, Ella Wales Bonner, Lisa Easterbrook CFA, Tamara Kostova, Suzie Hacker, Vera Howard and Samantha Secomb FPFS.

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