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Ten pieces of wealth advice for female entrepreneurs and business leaders 

Highlights from Nurture Network LIVE, November 2023…

Nurture Network Live 2023 opened an important discussion about women and wealth...

Our inaugural women in business and entrepreneurship festival was jam-packed with advice for people looking to succeed in business and in life. Our workshop Making Money Matter was no different.

Here is our top ten pieces of wealth advice from experts: Selina Flavius, founder, Black Girl Finance, Tamara Kostova, CEO, Velexa and Samantha Secomb, founder, Women’s Wealth.

  1. Just because you didn’t grow up learning about finance doesn’t mean you can’t learn now.
  2. Prioritise your own investing and saving. So many of us don’t.
  3. If you want to create wealth, you have got to invest. Saving won’t do it.
  4. Start small. When you start to see a small amount grow, it will help to spur you on.
  5. Pensions are often a person’s first investment. Learn a bit more about yours.
  6. If you’re giving up part of your career to have children, talk to your partner about continuing your investments so you don’t fall behind.
  7. Buying shares in companies is easier than ever – there are a number of apps such as Freetrade
  8. Diversify your investments. They go up and down, if you diversify you won’t feel this as much.
  9. Make sure you pass any learnings to your children. Apps like GoHenry are a good start.
  10. Don’t be afraid of talking to friends and family about wealth. The more we talk the more we share insight.

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