The Short Cut:

A quick fire chat about working life with Divya Eapen

Divya Eapen - ex Chief Risk Officer at Greensil Capital

At the heart of the Nurture Network is the power of sharing experiences. From breakthrough career moments, to best ever advice, how to deal with stress and the women that inspire them – The Short Cut is designed to bring you a snapshot of our members’ working lives. Today we’re speaking to Divya Eapen ex Chief Risk Officer at Greensil Capital

Tell us about your breakthrough career moment

In my mid-30s, leaving a very safe career path, because I decided I wanted to be excited and passionate about what I did. While it has been a rocky road, especially more recently, it has still been the best career decision I have made, and one of the better life decisions too!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever had?

It’s a bit of a weird one, an old manager and mentor told me to think of life as a pie chart, and that the pieces change size all the time. So, striving to perfect health-family-work-friends-exercise-self-care etc balance at any single point isn’t probably that achievable. Accept that sometimes it won’t be balanced, as long as in the long term, you have balance.

Have you ever felt held back as a woman in business? How did you respond?

Only all the time! Stay strong, have a set of people that always have your back (I’ve got a couple of groups of women that support each other), and just keep going. There’s a phrase in the last Star Wars film – “I am all the Jedi”. I remember this. I am stronger than just me, I’m as strong as all the people that have got us where we are, and all the people that have my back!

You are there because you deserve to be there, and probably deserve to be in the room more than the others.

How do you protect your mental health in moments of pressure?

Cheesy, but love and cuddles. I have two very cuddly children and an extremely supportive partner. Pressure is okay for a while, but not when it has a long-term impact on your health and what really matters. Have people around you that remind you of that, and it will annoy you at the time, but you need to hear it!

Do you have any hobbies to keep you busy in your spare time?

Wine – I love trying new wines and learning about wine, how it’s made. I love learning about someone else’s flavour profile, and then suggesting other wines they should try.

I feel empowered when…

I get to make sure that other voices in the room that are often quiet are listened to and heard.

The woman who empowers me the most is….

My coach – Jess, who reminds me that the woman that empowers me most is myself!

The woman everyone should know about is…

Yourself, and your own strength

The world will be a better place when…

Being kind to each other and ourselves is just how business is done naturally, rather than a rarity.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Right now, I fantasize about being back in Southeast Asia, (see photo below) where I grew up and where a lot of my extended family is, sitting on a plastic chair at night, eating delicious spicy seafood with my family.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

Recently, the best book I read was Educated, by Tara Westover. It just blew my mind!

Beach in Southeast Asia