The Short Cut:

A quick fire chat about working life with Dr. Nicola Patterson

Dr Nicola Patterson, Degree Programme Director - Newcastle University

At the heart of the Nurture Network is the power of sharing experiences. From breakthrough career moments, to best ever advice, how to deal with stress and the women that inspire them – The Short Cut is designed to bring you a snapshot of our members’ working lives. Today we’re speaking to Dr. Nicola Patterson, Degree Programme Director,  Senior Leadership Degree Apprenticeship MSc Strategic Leadership at Newcastle University

Tell us about your breakthrough career moment

Winning a best paper award at an academic conference at beginning of my career, because nothing quite feels as good as your peers (many of whom you admire) telling you, you’ve done a great job. It was quite the confidence boost at the beginning of my academic career.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever had?

“Whatever happens, the world still turns” is the best advice because it’s the most grounding statement that helps put into perspective the everyday “noise” both personally and professionally to help you rethink, reframe and reprioritise. 

Have you ever felt held back as a woman in business? How did you respond?

Yes, my response to was to understand why which led me into my academic career and focusing on issues of gender and inclusion more broadly.

How do you protect your mental health in moments of pressure?

Follow the advice in question 2 above, i.e. ‘whatever happens the world still turns…’  to put my feelings into perspective.

Do you have any hobbies to keep you busy in your spare time?

A renewed enthusiasm for staying fit and healthy so I train at least four  times a week.

I feel empowered when…

…I have reciprocal development conversations with peers internally and externally.

The woman who empowers me the most is….

…my mum

The woman everyone should know about…

The world will be a better place when…

…inclusive practice is part of everyday practice

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Bamburgh beach on the beautiful Northumberland Coastline.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read? 

“Time to Think” by Nancy Kline

Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland