The Short Cut:

A quick fire chat about working life with Lisa Nunn

Lisa Nunn Partner at Frank Knight

The Short Cut designed to bring you a snapshot of our members’ working lives. Today we’re speaking to Lisa Nunn, Partner at Frank Knight – and currently setting up a coach practice  to help women unlock their full leadership potential.

At the heart of the Nurture Network is the power of sharing experiences. From breakthrough career moments, to best ever advice, how to deal with stress and the women that inspire them.

Tell us about your breakthrough career moment

Working 1:1 with business leaders and founders as an Executive Assistant (EA) and in operations roles over my career I have always championed the administration industry as the unsung heroes. 

Five years ago whilst working as an EA at Knight Frank, myself and a work colleague became acutely aware of limited progression for any business support roles within the business with no career framework to aspire to, so we decided to do something about it and for two years, in our own time we worked on creating, developing and launching a brand new career framework for the business support teams, across the business. 

We presented it to the leaders of the business back in 2019 who approved the delivery of the framework, in 2020 I was promoted to Associate and moved into the Commercial Strategy department.  Three years of working with a core team across the business we finally delivered the framework in 2022, which saw new job titles, progressions, and an operational management structure created allowing every business support individual the opportunity to grow and, importantly, the opportunity to be invited into the Partnership, which was never on the table before.

I was also promoted to Partner, whilst my promotions were great recognition, the most amazing achievement for me was to be able to pave the way for so many to have an opportunity to shine and thrive and show the business their value and be rewarded for it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever had?

Thank your support network… remember and acknowledge the support you receive along the way.  Everyone has their own support network that helps them achieve their career goals, whilst they may not be visible in your work environment (e.g. spouses, children, family and friends) they are very much key to your success!

Have you ever felt held back as a women? How do you respond?

I think working in the administration industry for many years, whereby the very nature of your work is to support people to achieve their goals, your own aspirations sometimes get sidestepped or not considered.  But for me, my ambitions have always been something I have been open about in every role and with every leader / founder I have supported.  That doesn’t mean to say there were always opportunities, but I always made a point of being honest about where I wanted to be.

How do you protect your mental health in moments of pressure?

Walking, Yoga, Meditation and Running on the Sussex Downs!

The woman who empowers me is…

My mother who sadly passed away seven years ago, she dedicated her whole life to caring for people with learning disabilities.

I feel empowered when…

When my work allows me to support people to thrive in their career / life.

The world would be a better place when…

Everybody learns to love a little more

The woman who everyone should know about it…

Maya Angelou – my most favourite quote is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Do you have any hobbies to keep you busy in your spare time?

I love painting and was a resident artist in a Brighton gallery many years ago. 

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Ibiza (Barbados close second because of my heritage)


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One of my favourite places Ibiza, photo by Belinda Fewings