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This is where we share “The Short Cut” interviews – 10 quick fire questions to give you a snapshot into some of our Nurture Network member’s working lives.

We also share career and life related articles, from dealing with stress to best ever advice.


We would love to partner with like-minded businesses to support and mentor those underserved to be more visible, grow in their careers and to help further develop Nurture Network.

Nurture Network Live

No ‘I’ in team

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash No ‘I’ in team, a follow up from the Nurture Network Live Event 2023 No ‘I’ in team… even

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What is Nurture Network

The Nurture Network Community… Nurture Network is a networking hub hosted by Lemon Quarters for UK-based female professionals and entrepreneurs across all ages, sectors, regions

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